Governance framework

This page describes the governance framework of the iSHARE Scheme. The “iSHARE Foundation” has been established on the first of November, 2018. This marked the start of a transitional period in which both the iSHARE Foundation and the iSHARE Project co-exist. 
The iSHARE governance framework consists of the following bodies. See below for detailed descriptions: 
  • the iSHARE Foundation, which is the Scheme Owner of iSHARE
  • the Executive Board
  • the Supervisory Board
  • the Council of Participants
  • the Change Advisory Board
  • Sponsors of the iSHARE project

The governance of the iSHARE Scheme is organised as such that the iSHARE network can operate and grow in a sustainable way. At the same time its governance provides the appropriate checks and balances that will allow iSHARE Participants to provide input, supervise ongoing activities and collaboratively influence the growth and development of the iSHARE scheme.
Rules about the foundation’s organisation and its governance framework are captured in the statutes of the iSHARE Foundation. The iSHARE Foundation is listed in the Commercial Register (Handelsregister) maintained by the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) under registration number 73058289.

Scheme Owner

The iSHARE Foundation is the Scheme Owner of the iSHARE Scheme and is responsible for all activities related to the iSHARE Scheme. The iSHARE Scheme Owner consists of:
  • An Executive Board formed by (an) independent representative(s) of the iSHARE community. Executive board members are selected and chosen by the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is the highest organ of the Scheme Owner. Executive board members are accountable to the Supervisory Board for the functioning of the iSHARE Foundation and the iSHARE Scheme.  
  • An operational branch responsible for day to day scheme management activities. These activities include (amongst others) the following responsibilities:
    • Management of the iSHARE Scheme (specifications + brand management);
    • Development and maintenance of tools.
    • Management of the iSHARE Registry (register of participants),
    • Note: participant admission and maintenance is delegated to the Scheme Administrator role


The iSHARE Foundation can receive funding from government and semi-public organisations that wish to support the realisation of the goals of the Foundation. Upon request of such an organisation, the Supervisory Board can decide to grant the organisation the status of Sponsor of the iSHARE Foundation. The organisation maintains the status of Sponsor for the duration that it provides funding to the iSHARE Foundation. For the iSHARE Foundation, Stichting Connekt is recognised as Sponsor, providing funding on behalf of Topsector Logistiek.

Supervisory Board

  • The Supervisory Board is appointed by the Council of Participants and consists of three members
    • Until the end of 2020, two members of the Supervisory Board may be appointed by Sponsor(s), rather than the Council of Participants
    • From 2021, one member of the Supervisory Board may be appointed by the Sponsor(s), rather than the Council of Participants, if there are Sponsor(s) present
  • The Supervisory Board supervises the correct functioning of the iSHARE Foundation's Executive Board and elects/dismisses the members of the Executive Board.

The Supervisory Board transferred Scheme Owner activities to the iSHARE Foundation.

Council of Participants

  • The Council of Participants consists of all Parties (or representations of these parties) that have a iSHARE Scheme contract with the iSHARE Foundation and are willing to participate in the Council of Participants' activities.
  • The Council of Participants advises the Board of the iSHARE Foundation and appoints members of the Supervisory Board. 

Change Advisory Board

  • The Change Advisory Board consists of subject matter experts (legal/ operational/ functional/ technical) delegated by the Participants and Scheme Administrators.
  • The Change Advisory Board advises the Scheme Owner on changes to the specifications of the iSHARE Scheme.